Having a good week? I hope so! When you sell your house most buyers

do a home inspection after you accept their offer. Many buyers treat the

home inspector’s findings as an “all you can eat buffet!” “We found it

so the seller should fix it.” “Or, reduce the price.”

Hey, some of this stuff can add up fast. A new roof, there goes $6K-$20K, plumbing not vented,

there goes $1,500+. Fireplace chimney flue has small

cracks and they are now saying it needs a new liner? That’s another

$5K-$15K. Don’t even get me started on radon and cracked sewer lines.

Listen, you need to protect yourself when selling your house. You need to get preemptive with negotiating the inspection.

No, I’m not advocating for hiding anything from the buyer or not disclosing material facts. Quite the opposite. When a buyer

discovers something wrong with your house they feel entitled to have you fix it. When you make the facts known about your

house you remove the whole “buffet” or most of it from the table.

How? I recommend doing the inspection up front as the seller and providing that to the buyer before they make an offer. This

has held our deals together better, and saved our clients a lot of money not having to negotiate repairs that were already

made known. Plus, sometimes the buyer waives the inspection period altogether as they saw your inspection report. So, hit

the “easier” button and get a pre home inspection done before you sell. Some people are afraid to do them as they then have

to disclose the information to prospective buyers. I say, they are going to find out anyway. Happy home selling! ~ Travis