The captain of our charter boat shouts out, “it’s going to get hairy.” “We are in for a rough ride, once we get through this it will be nice on the other side.”

The waves were coming from multiple directions because of the wind and meeting rip currents.

The water here is so cold if you fall in you might have muscle control for 10 minutes if you’re lucky.

When you don’t know what to expect but they do because they’ve done this before. That’s a guide. 

When you’ve been trying on your own with little success and they put you on multiple fish within minutes of arriving at the “spot” because they know what they are doing. That’s a guide.

When you’re looking around at the white knuckles in the boat but are still having fun because at least one person on it knows what they are doing. That’s a guide.

When I think back at the rocky boat ride and how quickly they got us onto fish once we got to our destination it reminded me exactly why my team and I do what we do.

We’re  your guide. Like the captain, it’s our job to be honest with you when it’s going to get “hairy.” It’s our job to navigate you through the “rough waters” safely to your destination. It’s our job to know the market better than you do &  bring you to success buying or selling a home.

It’s our job to reduce your “white knuckles” not necessarily eliminate them. Like navigating rough frigid waters real estate can have its own “waves.”

If you’re venturing out into the real estate “sea,” reach out to us. We’d love to be your guide.