Moving in this market can cause a lot of worry — what if you sell your home and can’t find another one to move to before you close on your current one. It doesn’t have to be this way. My team and I help people in this very situation all of the time and absolutely love it! 






This is where our Buy Before You Sell Program comes in. No more sleepless nights wondering where you will be, no settling on a house in panic mode. The right approach depends on your situation. 

For some people selling their home first is the best approach. This can be done with an extended closing date, a subject to your house selling clause so that you can cancel if you don’t find something or, it can be done with a fast closing and a seller rent back until you find your next house. There are options and I can negotiate that for you. 

For others, you can qualify to own two homes at once, it becomes about finding the right place and then minimizing your double payments. 

And lastly there is our buy before you sell cash offer program. This is where you can make a cash offer on the place you want to buy and then sell your house after if you qualify for the program. 

So, whether you are staying in your neighborhood or moving to a whole new community, we’ve got your back. Give us at call to get started! 612-729-7130. 

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