I’ve bought eleven houses in my life with eleven different realtors. I’ve bought reasonably priced homes and some that were truly high priced. Travis Erickson is by far the BEST realtor I’ve ever known.  We had a long list of demands and Travis never wasted our time.  We scoured South Minneapolis for months to find exactly the right property.  He was incredibly insightful about neighborhoods and resale values on the houses we saw.  It was remarkable!  When we found the perfect house he coached us and consoled us through the loan application process.  It wasn’t easy, there were WAY too many questions and forms to complete.  And even with my insane travel schedule, Travis kept us posted; fielding questions and negotiations all along the way.  He has the patience of a saint.  We got the house we wanted at an incredibly good price.  He should be a negotiating coach.  He even led us in the right direction to find a home equity loan in an impossible loan equity market.  In short, (or long, I’ve rambled on) Travis Erickson is a Real Estate Rock Star!

A hero and now a friend.


Bob Thacker