With the national stat on houses selling from an open house being 0-3% of houses sell from an open house, you have to ask…do they work? The simple answer is sometimes they do sometimes they don’t (if they are done the same way they have always been done for 2-3 hours on a Sunday afternoon). Then the odds are stacked against you if you hold a traditional open house. If you are strategic about your open house then yes they absolutely do work. This house for example, had 86 people through it in just one hour on a Saturday afternoon. I have had as many as 101 people through an open house. My stragtegy for open houses definitely works. Instead of 0-3% I am more around 20%-25%.  Not all houses benefit from an open house, but the houses that do, it can really help to find that motivated buyer, or 6…  That’s correct, 6 buyers!  I had an open house that generated 3 offers and 3 more offers came from private showings. How much do you think that house sold for over the listed price? Did you say $55,000? You are correct!

Let’s talk. Are you think about selling your house? I would love to help you understand if it is a good candidate for an open house. You can also click the free home evaluation link above if you would like to find out what your house would really sell for. There are all kids of guesses online, i.e. Zillow, and the 1,000’s of independant agents sites that will give an automatic guesstimate. But that is just like a casino. Every once in a while someone gets luck and wins the jackpot. It’s not very often, but every once in a while those site get the price exactly right.


Happy home selling. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!  TE3721-E-31st-St_074