If you received your property assessed value and next property tax amount and it looks wrong there are some important dates and procedures you need to be aware of. For Hennepin county in Minneapolis you need to have your property value appeal property tax court petition in by April 30th. The deadline is May 8th in Ramsey County.







Here is a link to important dates regarding property taxes in Minneapolis.



Hennepin County:  Minneapolis property tax assessment appeal instructions.

In Minneapolis due to COVID-19 appraisers aren’t coming out to the property this year and will be doing desktop appraisals (in simple terms, they are doing your appraisal from reviewing comparable sales online and from any information you send them on our house.That information can be a recent appraisal, comps, estimates from a contractor for needed repairs on your house that affect its value.  Here is the link for you to follow instructions and complete.






Here are the steps to appeal your property tax assessment in St. Paul, and Ramsey County.



It is possible that your property tax assess value is too high. In a lot of cases it’s close right now and in many the actual market value is higher than the assessed value. Due to COVID-19 if you feel your property assessed value is too high and you want to do an appeal. Email me at travis@traviserickson.com for a virtual home evaluation. You can take me through your house on facetime, zoom, skype, etc. Or, you can email me photos of your house and I can send you similar sales that you could use to contest your value. Availability for this free service is limited but I will do what I can to help you before 4/30 deadline.