You’ve likely seen the sold signs and heard the stories of multiple offers on homes and wild terms being given to sellers. If you’ve dipped your toes into the market and started looking you’ve likely found there are very few options to chose from in most areas. In a market where minimizing the contingencies on your offer and giving certainty to the
seller greatly increases your chances in a multiple offer situation of being the accepted offer here are three things to consider if you need to sell your home in order to buy your next home.
1. Talk to a good loan officer about a bridge loan. This gives you money for a down payment on the house you buy that you pay off when you sell your house. The negatives of this are that there are costs for the loan and you will likely
have payments on two houses for a short period of time. But, for some people it may be worth it!
2. Sell your house and push the closing date out 3-6 months to give yourself time to buy your next house. Or, sell your
house subject to finding your next house.
3. Put your house on the market, get it sold and closed, but then negotiating a rent back with the buyer for a long
enough period of time to buy your next house. This way you can take full advantage of getting top dollar for your
home and have your offer not be subject to your house closing.
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Buying a home in this market.