I hope you are doing well during all of this. I wanted to let you know that Real Estate being deemed an essential service with the MN Shelter in Place order continues on but it looks different. This is good news for those that had a house closing set up and would have been homeless if it couldn’t happen or those that need to buy or sell right now. Based on the activity levels there are a lot of people in that category of needs to buy or sell. So, if that is you here are some of the changes and guidelines for buying and selling a home during this Corona Virus/Covid-19 Pandemic.

We must follow CDC Guidelines.

Here is a helpful video from a New York doctor on how to protect yourself from getting COVID -19. I’m no expert and not sure if he is 100% correct. But I thought it was helpful.


When selling a house during this COVID-19 Crisis:

  1. We have replaced public in person open houses with virtual tours and virtual open houses.
  2. Showings are kept to private showings only.
  3. No overlapping showings like were common just a month ago.
  4. If availble, provide gloves and handsanitizer for guests.
  5. We recommend that the seller leaves the lights on and the interior doors doors cracked open. So there is less touching.
  6. We can do virtual home evaluations upon request for new clients.
  7. Make sure to sanitize handles and surfaces after the showings for the day, and don’t touch your face (see video link above)!
  8. Electronic Signatures for purchase agreement along with phone or video conferences to discuss the purchase agreement or purchase agreements.
  9. There is a new COVID-19 addednum to the purchase agreement that spells out what happens if there is a complication or delay caused by the virus so that the parties to the transaction are protected.

We’ve heard it over and over again from doctors and experts. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. If you’re lucky enough to have handsanitizer use it after touching commonly touched surfaces and still don’t touch your face.

Buying a home during the COVID-19 Crisis:

  1. We can do virtual consultations to help you get the process started.
  2. . We can pre screen properties for you via a virtual showing (zoom,factime, etc) to eliminate unnesessary visits to houses.
  3. No overlapping showings to keep social distancing in place.
  4. Social distancing at the showing itself between agent and buyer.
  5. Electronic signatures and phone consultations or video conferences to discuss offers and sign purchase agreements.
  6. Separate closings from the sellers and only the absolutely necessary people at the closing, the title closer and you the buyer.

See guidline photos here. Stay well!  ~ Travis