If you’ve read my real estate update for a short time or since 2004… you know that I am not
typically an alarmist. Right now, if you are thinking about selling your house in the next two
years, you should sell it now. The sooner the better. If you like your house and are happy
this isn’t for you. You should stay where you are rather than making decisions for where
you live based on the market. This is for people who have been thinking about it.
We are at or very near the peak right now! Prices have never been this high. The number
of homes for sale have been so low for so long. Interest rates are at historical lows.

Price is a function of supply and demand. That is why I say if you are thinking of selling in the next 2 years and you
are able to, sell now. Sell while we know for a fact that the market is strong and supply + interest rates are low. That is the magic formula for selling at the highest price.
Yes, mortgage interest rates are forecasted to remain low into and throughout 2021 so that should help. But, right now there are so many other factors involved that no one truly knows  exactly what is going to happen. If you are one
to play it safe and worried about selling for the best price… sell now. If you are in a position financially where you need the money, most people right now have a significant amount of equity in their homes. Sell now while we know the prices are high, the market is hot, and you can use that equity for your needs then buy back in later. I hope jobs
come back strong, and the real estate market doesn’t see a down turn next year. I want to say things will be fine in 2021 for selling. It may be another great year. This year has defied the odds, and next year could as well.

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